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tv   Teen Kids News  NBC  May 7, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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when your kids eat healthy and get active, it'll help make their dreams come true. be our guest to healthy living today at ♪ teen kids news is on now and here's what we've got. >> i'll tell you why late bedtimes may be causing a real nightmare for some kids. >> it was a craze that swept the country when our grandparents were little. and it's back. i'll give you the scoop on the hoop. he's reviewed the food at restaurants around the world,
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yet he's not old enough to have his driver's license. we'll dine with him! and much more, next on "teen kids news." ♪ >> welcome to "teen kids news," i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. sometimes feeling the "blues" may mean more than just being sad. it's called "depression" and it can be dangerous. siena reports that researchers have found one way to provide some protection. >> i usually go to bed anytime between 11:00 and 12:00 just because of homework and school and stuff. >> probably around 11:30 more or less. >> i usually go to bed around 10:30 on weeknights and 12:00 on the weekends.
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>> i think that they just want me to go to bed before midnight, i don't really have a set bedtime though but just before midnight would be good. >> yes, it would be good. in fact, your mental health may depend on getting enough sleep. a study of thousands of middle and high school students compared those who regularly went to bed after midnight, to those who hit the pillow at 10:00 p.m. or earlier. >> we found that parents who had their kids go to bed earlier, their kids were less likely to suffer from depression. >> in fact, teens with midnight and later bedtimes had a 24% greater chance of being depressed. >> we found that it was more sleep that helped protect them against suffering from depression. >> if you think you or a friend might be depressed, it's important to know what to look for. >> the symptoms of depression in teens can be quite subtle and it's often times difficult to distinguish them from regular teenage behavior. so things to watch out for are changes in the mood, drastic changes in their eating habits,
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a big red flag would be changes in your school performance, skipping school, grades dropping, not even attending school. >> and listen to this, the research also found late-to-bed teens were 20% more likely to think about suicide. >> families should definitely pay more attention to bed times. we all need to get adequate sleep. and teenagers, it's recommended that they get about nine hours of sleep per night and we've known for a long time that lack of sleep can contribute to many problems, trouble focusing during the day, uh, trouble, more likely to get into accidents. >> we know about all the things that get in the way from sports to homework to facebook. but just as you find time for those, you need to find time to sleep. >> my advice would be to actually pick a time and stick to it. if you're having a difficult time falling asleep at that time, try to limit activities about one to two hours prior to your bedtime that might keep you
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awake. don't drink any caffeine after 4:00 p.m. or after lunch even, do not play on the internet, do not facebook or tweet about an hour or two before your bedtime. sleep is really effected, effecting how you go about your day, and how if you're sad or if you're happy, it effects your mood a lot. >> i can definitely see that when i get more sleep i feel happier. >> so, turn off the things that keep your brain "turned on," computer, games, and tv, and make sleep a priority. >> stay with us, there's lots more still to come, on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. revlon growluscious mascara. helps lashes grow stronger. with a unique formula that complements my lashes' natural growth cycle. 96% saw instantly longer lashes. this is the start of something big. revlon growluscious mascara.
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this report on "driving skills for life" is made possible by ford. >> i think it was amazing! >> i really enjoyed it. >> really useful. >> they're talking about a national program run by ford, and the governors highway safety association. in giant parking lots like this one outside chicago's cellular field, there's room to learn from your mistakes. as you learn to recognize and avoid a hazard in a hurry. >> so you have to make your decision because two lights turn red, and one's still green, so you have to change real fast. >> what we're trying to do is simulate a situation that could happen on the highway or on a side street, where you're going down the road, a pickup truck or something on the back of it has fallen off, a mattress or something large. and if you're using your vision correctly, then you would know you are able to go in to another lane to avoid this situation.
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now what we're trying to get you to think about is to not instinctively hit the brakes because that's what most people want to do. they panic. they hit those brakes first, and what that will cause to happen is the car will get out of control or someone would strike you from the rear. so we always talk about having two hands on the wheel, nine and three is what we teach, it used to be ten and two. but nine and three you have the most ability to be able to turn this far. we're going to give it some gas, wait for the green wait for the lane change, come off the gas, and then with the brakes get our car back under control. >> the beauty of having this opportunity right here is that typically the only chance you would get to do that is in an accident avoidance type of situation. >> stephanie is not only an expert instructor, she has logged a lot of miles as a race car driver. so i'm psyched to hear what she has to say about how i handle the course. >> first time through you don't have to go real fast, i want you to get a comfort level with not
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hitting the brake pedal and making that lane change just by coming off the gas and coming out of the corner. >> so we're driving down the road, something falls off the back of the truck, good, and get the car slowed up, and you make your corner. you always think about a glass half full on your dash when you're making corners. a lot of teens get in trouble in accidents with cornering way too fast. so if you think about that being right here, you want to get most of your braking done before you get to a corner, and then you should be just starting to retransition the gas pedal again as you're coming around the corner. >> do you think a class like this could actually save lives? >> absolutely. because the natural instinct is to hit the brakes in a panic situation, and it's really important, because that could make the difference if you hit those brakes and you spin the car out on the highway it could be a really bad chain reaction. so just having that one tool could make all the difference in the world. you ready to do this one with more speed? >> all right. >> let's go.
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okay, no brakes. perfect, okay get it slowed up for your corner nice job, excellent. good job. >> for more information on ford driving skills for life, steer to the teen kids news website. find out what you should know about avoiding a hazard before you have to know it! >> the emergency lane change is just a phenomenal course. it's something that happens every day on the roads and it's what these kids need. >> we'll have more driving tips on future teen kids news programs. in chicago, i'm tyler for "teen kids news." >> all right young america what's your opinion. we'll find out in speak of the week. >> he was a part of everyone's childhood. you probably still have his quirky rhymes stuck in your head. we want to know, which dr. seuss book was your favorite? >> "horton hears a who." definitely my favorite. just because of all the silly characters and i like the point of the story. >> "the cat in the hat,"
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definitely because it's fun, it rhymes. i love cats, too. and "the cat in the hat" is just my favorite character ever. >> "green eggs and ham," i'll have to say because ever since i was a little kid we always had "the green eggs and ham" at school and i just thought it was fun. >> my favorite dr. seuss story is "green eggs and ham." >> "green eggs and ham." >> "green eggs and ham." >> i've always wanted to do this, for "teen kids news" i'm sam i am.
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hoops have been used as toys for ages, but in the 1950's a combination of plastic and great marketing brought us the hula hoop. it spun into a national craze. and now, it's back. >> i like to hula hoop because it's fun and active and you get
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a lot of exercise out of it. >> well, we're going to learn how to lift it and catch it with our hand. >> stefan pildes is a master hooper. he performs at rock concerts, street fairs and even on cruise ships. and he teaches a class called "groove hoops." >> people are tired of aerobics or step classes. they're looking for new things that give them a sense of joy and happiness. hula hooping makes everyone smile. >> hooping sure makes people smile in stefan's class. some of them have been taking lessons for years. like erica and angelica, who hoop along with their mom. >> what trick are you going to show us? >> i'm going to show you a cool one, can i show you right now? >> if you put your heart into your hoops, you'll wind up with the moves to prove it! is hooping a sport, a game or an exercise? >> it's an exercise. it can be considered a sport,
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but most people don't think of it as a sport and it is definitely a fun game. but it's definitely an exercise. >> to if you are hooping with your friends, do you always win the "who can hoop the longest?" game? >> yes! >> the world record for non-stop hooping is held by roxanne rose. she went an incredible 90 hours. you'd think that just after one hour, she'd be too pooped to hoop. >> what do you like about hooping? >> i love that you can express yourself. i love that you like, dance! i love to dance. >> it's hard for beginners, but once you get to know it it's really fun and easy. >> in fact it's so easy even my mom can do it! so what am i waiting for? >> so can you teach me how to hoop? >> absolutely! >> lets go! >> okay! let's start by putting one foot in front of the other. and you're going to rock your hips forward and back. forward and back. mhm. that's great! and when you're ready, give it a firm push across your hips and just like a locomotive --
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forward and back, forward and back. there you go you got it! great job. okay, here comes your first trick. we're going to take a look at which way our hoop is going and walk around in a circle following our hoop. so that's not really much of a trick. the trick comes when we lift one foot and we spin around. >> well, if at first you don't succeed, hoop, hoop again! >> before long i was so into it, i was asking the expert for some vocabulary lessons, too! so current means direction? >> yes, current is the direction you hoop in, just like a river would flow. >> so is it more natural to go left or right? >> well, everyone is different, but the moment you pick up a hoop and spin it, you'll know what your current is. >> let's see if i can find my current! >> stefan says hooping is more of an art form than a sport.
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an art form that gives you a great work out! hooping has gotten so popular it even has its own holiday, world hoop day. unfortunately, it's not a school holiday. for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. there is no end to the great ways to spend time on line. here's another click this. >> ever wonder how many toes a tyrannosaurus rex had? or how to spell opaque? then i've got the website for you. has the answers to your questions. this site is different from wikipedia because it was created specifically for kids! it doesn't just give the facts. it also has interactive games which help you remember what you discover!
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from biology to geology, if you want to know it, will show it! when it's time for lunch, a sandwich is a quick and easy choice. and with the right ingredients, it can be good and good for you. so i'm here today to see who can build the ultimate sandwich. all right, when the time is up, our judges will give you their scores. ready. set. go! okay, jason starts out with the multigrain roll. ooh. alyson's stuffing her pita with, yes, spinach! a great source of iron. jason isn't skimping on the protein, adding plenty of smoked turkey. looks like alyson's putting the finishing touches with crispy red bell peppers for a dose of vitamin a. (buzzer blares) time! (bells ding) it looks like we have a tie. we'll need to call in our special guest referee. oh! now these are what i call quick, delicious lunches. whole grain breads, a whole variety of ingredients-- there are so many different ways to build delicious, healthy sandwiches. these two get high marks in every category.
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i'd say you're both winners. yeah! (laughs) (first lady michelle obama) america... (all) let's get healthy together! studies have shown that teens in the u.s. are lagging behind their peers from other countries when it comes to math and science. that's why one city is trying to encourage its students to get psyched about science. los alamos, new mexico, has been hosting a yearly event called the "next big idea festival." think of it as a carnival for science and technology. >> something you don't see everyday. >> over the course of two days, students can meet and mingle with local scientists and inventors. and participate in hands on demonstrations. >> my favorite thing about today was discussing at lunchtime with the scientists all of the fields and what led them to where they
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are now. >> i mean, a lot of us like to do a lot of hands on stuff and we did do a lot of hands on stuff and we met a lot of different people from different schools so it was cool to meet people and see different ideas. >> the organizers of the event want students to realize that science, technology and innovation can be fun! >> technology is changing so rapidly that the only constant is change and so we really need to get kids knowing that they need to learn all the time and being excited about the challenges that are ahead of them. and it's great to see the kids in a program like this and we hope that they will continue their education and want to learn because technology is changing so fast. >> i would probably describe it as a very educational event. and an event to possibly get motivated into a career. >> to learn more about the next big idea festival, follow the link on our website. this report is brought to you by ralph lauren. ralph lauren is known for innovations in style. now they're using technology to give fashion shows a new digital twist.
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>> this is the rl gang. as they act out the stories read by actress uma thurman, they're also modeling their outfits. >> so he drew a big bowl of ice cream, it magically appeared on a table and looked positively delicious! >> to create this fantasy world, each scene was shot in front of a "green screen." it's a special backdrop that allows illustrators to "drop in" whatever background they like! >> fashion has always been on the cutting edge, setting new trends, looking for new fabrics and looking for new ways to tell stories. technology is a new platform upon which fashion can tell our stories. now we can use technology to bring the clothing to life. >> the clothes aren't the only things that come to life, the story is interactive! clicking on the clothing adds them to an online shopping bag. it also helps a good cause. for a limited time, 15% of the sales from children's clothing on will be donated to "room to grow." it's a charity that supports
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parents raising babies in poverty. >> it's very important to be philanthropic and to give back to other people. when you make money, it's important to share that with people around you. >> and if you like your stories the old fashioned way, there's a hard cover version of the rl gang available, too! for "teen kids news," i'm carina. coming up next i'll learn how to review a restaurant! hi, it's elmo. and i'm secretary kathleen sebelius. elmo and secretary sebelius are here to tell you how to stay healthy this flu season! first, you learn to sneeze into the bend of your arm like this. ahchoo! oh, very good. always wash your hands really well. and remember to have a plan in case your child is too sick for school, so someone can stay home with them until they get better. stay healthy, america! girl: mom, can i have a dollar? yeah. it's right--
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i think my purse is upstairs on the bed. it's not here. check the dining room. nope. what about your sister's room? not there, either. the upstairs closet? the downstairs closet. there are no more closets. announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. get ideas. get involved. get going at i hope you find a home. i hope you find a home. hey, maybe you'll be picked next. maybe you'll be picked next. we've been caged together too long. we've been caged together too long. how come nobody ever picks me? maybe they're looking for somebody different. pick me! well, the shelter's closing up for another day. we didn't get picked. i know. tomorrow. guaranteed. cotton balls.
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duct tape. spoon. needle. thread. scalpel. announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. global warming could be making us itch. researchers are tracking the effect of warmer temperatures on poison ivy, poison sumac and oak. they're growing faster and producing more potent oils. even if you just barely touch them, it's more likely you'll get that rash. so learn how to identify those plants and avoid them! if you like to eat, listen up. hannah reports on a teen who's making a career and a name for himself in the food world one bite at a time.
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>> while most teens would be happy eating pizza every day, david fishman is different. he goes out to dinner and tries the most unique thing on the menu, then writes about it. he's a food critic. to find out what it takes to review a restaurant, "teen kids news" invited david to a meal at "good enough to eat" in new york city. well, the breakfast looks good. >> yeah, that's what they're known for! >> and david is known for reviewing restaurants. he's dined at world class restaurants and sampled the rarest of delicacies, and he's only 13! >> i've always been very passionate about food. ever since i was really young my love for food has grown above almost everything else and i also liked writing a lot more recently and they kind of came together and it became sort of a really passionate hobby for me. >> if eating food can be a hobby, then count me in! let's get this review started, bring on the food!
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>> i review a restaurant by looking at three different categories that i kinda customize to my own standards. i have food, i have décor, and then i have service. >> what do you think of the presentation? >> it's really interesting. i really like how they are combining a lot of different elements. >> well, let's dig in! next on the menu is skate tacos. skate is a fish, a ray to be exact. so you like fish a lot? >> i do, i'm a huge fish fan! i'm actually just going to use my hands! >> so how do you grade the food? >> when i first get a dish, i first kind of look at the presentation and see what feeling it gives me, how i'm meant to eat it, what, how big it is in comparison to the
1:56 pm
price. then i'll take a bite of it, i'll write down some initial thoughts, then i'll, then i'll take some more bites, and i'll finish the dish and at the end i'll give it a more in depth review of it. >> to be a food critic eating is only half the job. the other part is writing about it. david takes notes during his meal to remember the special details. >> so hannah, what do you taste in the dish? >> i really like it, i like the sauce and the fish a lot. what about you? >> well one thing i like, i mean i love the fish in the dish. a really key thing about this dish is how the flavors kind of interact with each other. it sort of to me tastes the best when you combine it with the guacamole, combine it with the special sauce which tastes like salsa, combine it with the lime, and i feel like all the flavors match for each other. >> wow. he got all that from just a few bites!
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>> so here are tropical kool-aid cupcakes for dessert! >> served to us by the owner of "good enough to eat" carrie levin. >> it is an interesting and creative idea to put kool-aid in a cupcake, but i mean drinking kool-aid in my past and i hope it works out in a cupcake! >> well, let's try it! >> yeah, i'm actually going to try the frosting first. >> the cupcake, the ingredients in the cupcake work really well together. >> now with our bellies full, it was time to hear what david had to say. >> okay, guys, how was it? >> really good! >> it was really good! quite a unique meal truthfully, a deliciously unique meal. >> after the food tasting and note taking, david is ready to write the review. >> so my blog is called it basically has reviews from all over the city, all over the world, all over the country.
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>> well, i think david gets a perfect score for being a great dining partner! for "teen kids news," i'm hannah. >> that wraps up our show, but we'll be back soon with more "teen kids news." >> thanks for joining us, and have a great week! ♪ . write to us at >> on behalf of everyone here at "teen kids news" we want to express our appreciation to all of our military overseas.
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a healthy tomorrow begins with a solid foundation at home, and there are simple ways to start your kids on a path to success... help your kids make all of their dreams come true. be our guest to healthy living today... at


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